Prix Fixe Menu

A message from Mary Gibb, (Proprietor since 1998)

Our Fixed Price A-la-Carte menu is here to stay

Dinner Tuesday to Saturday from 5:30 pm (3-course menu)

Lunch Fri, Sat & Sunday from 11:30 am (2-course menu)

For the longest time, we have struggled to be all things to all people and make The Courthouse accessible to as many guests as possible.

The cost of our white cloth table settings, of the piano playing, of the one staff to 10-12 guests high service level, of the maintenance of our beautiful old heritage-listed property (on top of the waterfront rent), the garden maintenance and on and on…

I’m going to stop trying to compete with other lower-cost establishments for your quick main meal & a glass of wine.  Because it hurts the operation, it’s not sustainable and ultimately, during these most challenging times, places the cherished memories at risk.

Over time we will continue to fine-tune & perfect the Prix Fixe A-la-Carte menu, focusing on the quality of your dining experience to better serve your celebrations.

In 2022 we are limiting the number of guests both for safety & for quality.  In doing so we also preserve the wear & tear on our beautiful property.

I have always felt like the caretaker, responsible for protecting The Courthouse for many more generations to come.  Profit has never been my focus, as every single cent for the last decade or more has been retained in the business.  My aim is to create a sustainable environment in which everyone who is a part of its ecosystem, from staff, suppliers, guests & our community, can all thrive.  Until it’s officially converted, consider us a Not for Profit Organization.

We have all sacrificed so much in the last two years, and I am so very grateful that your support has ensured we made it safely to the other side.  Facing ongoing attacks from multiple fronts has only helped me to realize the importance of preserving some tradition amidst the madness.

Every hospitality business has faced these battles, but with a range of venue styles & offerings, we’re all unique in how we navigate the land mines. 

Aren’t we so fortunate to live in an area that offers so many dining styles & choices?  I had momentarily considered removing the thousands of dollars monthly spend on white table cloths, removing the expense of piano performance, reducing the staff to guests ratio, but who would we be if we did that?  I’m choosing to honour our dining traditions, and I’m choosing to make the changes necessary to achieve this.  I’m choosing to continue to improve & invest in your dining experience, and sincerely hope you will continue to choose The Courthouse for your next dining occasion. 


Mary Gibb